Evolution Projects and Consulting
is a multi faceted business that
offers managing  planning and construction services
for all types of clients.

There are many aspects to every residential and commercial development project.

At Evolution Projects and Consultancy (evoprocon) we fully embrace every one of them, from the first drawing to the certificate of occupation and handover of the keys.

Our property development services are designed to be flexible. After identifying your vision, we tailor our property development services to best suit your needs. You might only need us for the first stage or you might need us all the way through to completion. Take a look at the range of property development services we offer below and contact us for a discussion.

Comprehensive Feasibility Analyses

Feasibility is one of the most important development management roles we offer. Our comprehensive feasibility analysis gives you the crucial answers you need before anything else can happen. Our first step is to fully understand your objectives. We visit your site to appreciate your vision for the development. We evaluate the possibilities for the site, exploring both its potential and limitations. Combining this insight with our knowledge of industry standard building norms and estimated probable sales value of completed product from one or more real estate agents, we provide a feasibility study on the viability of the vision.

Design Creation & Refinement

This is the point at which decisions are made and concepts are solidified into actions. We work closely with architects to bring your property development from concept to reality, refining the design to an appropriate level of detail to support the development. We help you scrutinise the options and select the best for your project. Every decision we make helps your vision take a clearer form.

Town Planning 

We have a strong track record of assisting with the appointment of Town Planners and Land Surveyors to successfully negotiate project permission for new developments. We liaise closely with consultants in both fields in order to keep abreast of Councils constant changes, resulting in us having an in-depth understanding of town planning requirements. This allows us to offer a reliable and updated service to our clients. With years of experience, we build a strategy for approaching the council to ensure your development is smooth sailing.

Project & Development  Coordination

Development management by the evoprocon team is driven by attention to detail and full coordination of all project steps and resources involved. We formulate a realistic and efficient time line and manage schedules to ensure an on-time delivery. We identify contractors and subcontractors who will deliver the project on time, to budget and with exceptional quality. Using our experience of commercial and domestic development projects, we anticipate challenges in the early planning stages and build in tried and tested solutions to ensure your project stays on track.

Our Development Services

We can assist you in outsourcing and attaining the following services:
Architects , Builders ,Finance, Valuers ,Town planners Quantity surveyors ,Land and Building surveyors ,Conveyancers, Engineers 
Landscape Architects, Arborists, Owners Corporations 

Advertising / Sales

Before your construction is complete, we arm you with the know-how to sell the development. In addition to our advice on the best selling methods, we make contact with estate agents on your behalf to obtain estimates. Your appointed 3D artist will also create 3-dimensional images of the expected final product to ‘wow’ your target market.

Site Sourcing

You might already have a site in mind, but if you don’t we can certainly help. Development site sourcing is a real science, and we take into account many factors including market values, forecasts, town planning and the environment. Add to this our in-depth local knowledge of Greater Melbourne and you can be confident that you have selected the best site for your development project.

Financial Sourcing

Every project development includes hidden costs that are often forgotten at the start, such as holding costs and title fees. Our financing services ensure your project financing is completely transparent. No hidden costs or surprise bills down the track. We can also help arrange financing for your project; we have close relationships with a range of finance providers and our understanding of their requirements – in addition to yours – means we are able to structure our funding requests in a format that banks and financiers have confidence in. Financiers insist on detailed feasibilities, evoprocons’ feasibility studies are highly thought of by financial institutions.

Property Sub-Divisions and Master Planning 

Trying to divide a property into separate blocks? We can help from day one. Our consulting services will help you successfully plan and execute a property subdivision.

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